Royal British Legion Suffers £6,000
Collapsed Drain Claim


A Royal British Legion Club insured through Premier Club Insurance emailed to advise they had already dealt with this claim as follows:
“The function room at the club has caused us a few problems over the past 12 months in that we discovered an awful smell. The normal things were checked, we had manhole covers up and had a camera survey done on the drains, we changed some venting valves in the club toilets and replaced an old glass washing machine all to no avail. The pungent smell became unbearable so we called in a carpenter to remove some floorboards and a section of carpet.
Upon further investigation we discovered a sink wastage drain had broken between the bar area and the main drains, the result of this was that it was repaired but we had to remove large sections of the maple dance floor and a large section of carpet to pump out the stagnant water and dig out the silt under the building. This caused us to close the function room for several days which cost us business and the cost of removing and repairing the floor, equipment hire and labour costs were quite expensive.
The club committee have asked if we are insured for this type of thing and if it is too late to do something after the event? I have read parts of the policy that we have, and to be honest cannot decide whether it covers us or not. The final question would be, if we are eligible for a claim, how would this affect our premiums at renewal time and by how much? Obviously if there was a large excess to pay or our premium rose significantly, the club committee may decide to stand our losses.”

This claim was settled in full; with no delay from our client’s Premier Club Insurance policy; to the club committee’s satisfaction:
“The service from Premier and our dedicated Claims Handler was second to none, from our first meeting with our Business Development Managers to our recent renewal. Premier have been very professional throughout.”

Malcolm Stockhill
Club Secretary
Melbourne Royal British Legion